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8 Jul

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My new young-adult novel, Truthersis about Katie Wallace, a teen girl whose father tells her she’s living evidence of the “Inside-Job” of 9/11 (the notion government forces within the US actually  carried out the attacks). So… Katie sets out to investigate his bizarre claim and is drawn into the strange/secretive world of 9/11 conspiracy theorists known as Truthers. Wading through a web of fact and fiction, Katie no longer knows what to believe. History/truth is funny that way…

Skipping the bigger well-known ones (JFK, the Illuminati, our faked moon landing, etc.), here’s a randomly-ordered list of ten conspiracies I found during my research for Truthers that were especially new and/or interesting to me. Inclusion in the list does not imply endorsement of the idea – You, like Katie, can look into that yourself. At the very least, I hope you’ll have a good writing prompt for your next story…

10] Jack and Rose actually sank on The Olympic – Apparently it was NOT the Titanic that sank, but a sister ship called The Olympic. There’s some evidence to suggest that a ship named the Olympic had been damaged in an earlier collision, and the owners switched the two ships, and then sunk the “Titanic” (aka the already-damaged Olympic) for easy insurance money. The paper trail is the interesting part here. (And, also, James Cameron’s role in the ensuing cover up…)pic1

9] Finland Doesn’t Exist – Seems Japan and Russia made Finland up as part of some longstanding fishing-area deal/arrangement. And the rest of the world powers just kind of agree to this with fake Finland history, documents, pics, etc. for some reason. Kind of a cool story lots of folk ran with. But, it looks as if some guy made it all up to show how crazy conspiracy theories can get and how easy to make them believable thanks to the web. Now, however, is this guy just saying that he made it up? Have you ever actually been to Finland? And if so, how would you know you weren’t like on Norway or something? Just saying.

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8] The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Ok, we’ll get serious a minute. This is one of those “the Jews want to rule the World” books that gets everyone excited – from the Nazis (who taught it in schools) to Henry Ford (who published thousands of copies for use in the States) to people read this still. In 1900 or so, apparently some Jews gathered in a cemetery in Prague and this Russian book captures everything they said about their evil complicated detailed plan to take over. Alas, the Protocols are plagiarized almost completely from a French satire (!!) written in 1850 ripping on Napoleon III (the nephew of Napoleon-Napoleon) and his evil plans to take over Europe. As a high school teacher, I give the authors an F for plagiarism. Shows, among other things, how serious people will take things when it’s handed to them as truth.

7] It’s actually the year 1720. Meaning 2017 is 1720ish. The Phantom Time Hypothesis says Roman Emperor Otto III liked the idea of ruling during the year 1000 — even though that wasn’t the date when he was in power. So, in this theory it was, like, 600-something and they (Otto and the Pope) added 297 years so they could rule in 1000. Which does, you’ll admit, sound kinda cool. Remember how exciting 2000 was? Anyhow, to do this, they (the powers that Be) forged documents to change the year. And the Early Middle Ages were totally made up. Think about how much they’re skipped in history class. It’s like, “Ermmm, 1000 years, the church, crusades, yeah. Chaucer.” Worth a look.

6] Katy Perry is actually Jon Benét Ramsey. Jon Benét was a girl who was murdered in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. It was the classic messed-up, media-circus tabloid case. Never solved. Move ahead twenty-some years, and some folk notice how much Katy Perry looks like Ramsey. A bit, actually. And the ages make sense, and Perry’s past is kinda mysterious and… off they/we go. It don’t take much.


5] The Mandela Effect. With all these multiple universes (a thing we’re all just supposed to accept now), there are many that nudge up against each other and we get snippets of universes close to ours, but not quite; just kinda off enough that we’re like: No, that’s not what I remember. There are all sorts of examples to make you go: hmmmm. It’s called the Mandela effect because when Nelson Mandela was in jail, people remember him dying. Then, when he was released from jail, we were all confused because they/we had remembered the details of his death so vividly.

4] Everyday Chemistry – Speaking of multi-universes, Everyday Chemistry is a remix album of unknown authorship that appeared in 2009. The album was accompanied by a fictional narrative written by an anonymous person who claimed to have traveled to a parallel universe where the Beatles had never broken up and retrieved a cassette tape containing one of their supposed albums from that timeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fitr0wfptho  The fact that the album sounds like all their later solo stuff is just proof that they ever broke up. See?

3] Queen Elizabeth is Descended From a Long Line Of Cannibals – No explanation needed. Someone please write this book, make this movie, or an RPG, etc…


2] The Masons Kill a Dude – In the early 1800s, a guy named William Morgan — a former FreeMason (a fraternal organization that’s kinda secret but really not so much, but for years everyone thought THEY were secretly running the world, and by “for years,” I mean, still a lot of people believe this still today, but an ex-girlfriend’s husband is a Mason, and he’s a successful guy and all, but, yeah, just not seeing the whole secretly ruling the world thing), anywho, this Morgan guy was gonna write a tell-all book and then he vanished, because… well, the Masons. And CNN was all (ok, not CNN but the political world was all: It was the Masons, see they’re evil, and then Andrew Jackson (a candidate, and Mason) was all: you’re all nuts. So, then he won anyway. But, the use of name-calling and insinuation and possibility and strange happenstance goes back a long, long time.

1] Speaking of Jackson – In 1835, someone tried to kill then-president Andrew Jackson. Guy pulled two guns, and both misfired. (Was probably a time traveler, as Jackson still has some explaining to do.) But, in any case, the failed assassin was insane, declared insane, and locked up. The end. Or… within a week, there were sworn affidavits from witnesses who swore they saw this man coming out of the house of a Mississippi senator (and Jackson opponent) and pro Jackson papers ran with this story hard. The anti-Jackson papers? THEY now had witnesses to support that idea that Jackson’s party staged the entire event – that the guy was working with Jackson, thus the misfires – to discredit the other party and garner support for Jackson across the country at the same time. A decade later, folk now had new evidence to blame the South and pro-slavery types. Convenient, with the Civil War coming and all… I add this one and put it at #1 because when I read it, I felt oddly “good” about our struggle for truth today. Because it’s not just us, or “these days.” It’s always been hard to know the truth, to get real facts, to know who to trust and get to what’s real beyond other folks’ various agendas.


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